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Your entire business on any device... (Including mobile) ✊

Did you know you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month simply by making the switch to Communi?

Literally we replace everything and we do it better. So your business is easier to run, faster and can all be done from the palm of your hand 🖐️.

I'll prove it to you.

Software is like the car to your online business and you're the fuel. You're driving towards a particular destination and the trip is going to be long, hard. A lot of people have multiple cars (Software)... in fact they have one 6 - 7 they use for their business.

Thats a lot of cars to manage, to drive and to take care of sitting in your garage. 👀

It's going to take a lot longer, it will be more difficult to move them all from A - B.

Thats where we come in. We cancel the loans you have on those cars. We give you just one that will get you to your destination faster, easier and requires much less maintenance. That is Communi!

Or maybe let me put it this way.

If you follow the most relevant advice.

You will naturally end up with a range of different software that you don't really need. Each costs a monthly fee.

Your business is setup like someone who has a small team to manage all of these software... but you're only one person!

You've created a costly, time-consuming mini-guru business. When all you wanted was a way to monetize your audience/following! 🤷‍♂️

We packaged it up into one easy to use package and named it 'Communi'.

Creating the ONLY software you need to drive your entire business.

Replacing software you'd usually have to pay high monthly fees to use:

❌ Website

❌ Funnel
❌ Membership

❌ Checkout
❌ Course
❌ Community
❌ Email marketing
❌ Chat

❌ Support

Combining all of the features into the only software you'll need to do it all.

✔️ Communi

As soon as you start our 14 day trial you'll be able to experience for yourself how much faster and easier your business is to run.

Go here now and test-drive Communi for yourself.

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Creators, influencers and trainers should be able to focus on creating content without having to learn a wide range of complex software to run their business. We package all of the complex software into an easy, fast software that works accross all devices, anywhere in the world. So creators can focus on whats most important to them. Join our hub to learn more about our software.

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Samuel Bakker


I am the founder of Communi.